Kelso House Gardens

The Herb Garden

The herb garden (also known as the kitchen garden) can be found directly behind the Kelso House. The garden was started in the 1960’s by a few dedicated women. Today, the garden is maintained by the Portage County Master Gardeners, which is a program part of the Ohio University Extension. This program requires rigorous training for a year, and also requires a lot of dedication. The Master Gardeners give details about the plants that are planted in the garden, while also running educational programs for the schools in the area.

Landscaping of the Kelso House

For the size of the property, there is plenty of work to do around the grounds. Some of the work that is done around the grounds include mulching, working on the shrubs, tree maintenance, working on the gardens, and much more. The end goal is to make our grounds a perfect venue location for any event. If you would like to donate to help maintain our gardens, please write a check dedicated to the Kelso House Gardens.